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19 maanden geleden
Hi travel innovator,
Nice to receive you on our inspiration channel called Vakantie.TV.
The world’s first interactive online TV channel fully focussed on Dutch holiday-goers. 
On Vakantie.TV, it’s all about inspiring and informing our audience and letting them experience exciting holiday destinations on every screen. As a viewer, Vakantie.TV gives you the possibility to directly book your next destination, hotel room or trip while watching video content catered to your interests.
We proudly share: our technique was crowned on the NAB Show in Las Vegas with 'Best Start-up' and 'Best of Television'. 
As a partner of Vakantie.TV, we can offer you a couple of unique propositions: by publishing branded content, commercials or other sponsorships, you can use the Vakantie.TV platform to reach a very concrete target audience (the Dutch holiday-goer) with the most attractive form of marketing right now (online video on every screen available). Also, the channel offers you full insight into viewer data (including e-mail addresses), so you can directly retarget them with your additional marketing. 
The tech behind Vakantie.TV
The technology behind Vakantie.TV, developed from the ground up by Tradecast.TV in The Netherlands, enables us to reach very concrete niche target audiences with online video.
We use a linear video stream (like traditional TV channels do), combined with on-demand content (like Netflix and YouTube) and live video streaming (that can even be broadcasted from a smartphone). 
This unique technology offers countless interesting features for you as a potential partner.
 We are looking forward to meet you and tell you more about Vakantie.TV and all of her possibilities.
Please feel free to contact us:

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